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Stickers on sheets vs individually cut

This page applies to digitally printed stickers only. These are full color, glossy or matte, kiss-cut to your custom shape (cut with a plotter blade for high accuracy). See this super-short video that explains kiss cutting vs die cutting, and the difference between sheets and individually cut.

If you are individually distributing stickers (handing them out, selling them, etc) you're going to want them to be individually cut into single stickers. If you are applying them (for example, onto bottles or some other product), or if you want to do the cutting yourself, we can present them to you as big sheets of stickers at a lower cost.

Individually Cut (most popular option)

Watch this 1-minute video to see the difference between kiss cut on sheets, kiss cut + individually cut, and screen printed with die cut.

Kiss cut stickers can be virtually any shape you like! We'll cut them into rectangles for distribution. The end-user peels the sticker off and applies it, discarding the rectangular backing:

Individually cut stickers


Stickers on Sheets

If you don't need them cut down, we'll leave them on bigger sheets for you. Each sticker is still kiss-cut into the shape you need. They'll look something like this:

Stickers on sheets

Sticker pricing and art specs are here.

Stickers are printed on a roll material, varying in width from 15"-30" depending on the project. We can provide the stickers on sheets (usually between 15"x15" and 30"x30"), or we can cut them individually for you for handing out/selling individually. In either case, stickers will be kiss-cut to your desired dimensions/shapes.

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